What We Do

Fiberzone Pte Ltd, established in 2010, is a manufacturer and distributor of networking and telecommunication equipment, offering solutions for Service Providers, Enterprises, Governments and Industrial customers. We have expanded and established other offices and partners in Asia Pacific region.

Our networking solutions help the world’s leading organizations transition smoothly to a world where applications and information reside anywhere.

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Why us

11years of experience

96internetwork devices

32happy new clients

Fiberzone’s networking products are known for their ruggedness and reliability. We have a 99.4 percent customer acceptance rating, meaning that approximately one in 1,000 experience any sort of failure in the field.

Our products

The Fiberzone Network switches provides an industry-leading price/performance campus aggregation and core solution that offers a scalable, secure, low-latency, and fault-tolerant IP services infrastructure for 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) enterprise deployments. Organizations can leverage a high-performance, non-blocking architecture and an end-to-end high-availability design with redundant management modules, fans, load-sharing switch fabrics, and power supplies.

Media Converters
Combine power and data on one cable - eliminating the need for additional, unnecessary power cable runs to security cameras, wireless access points, or IP phones. Fiberzone's full line of feature rich Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) products ease installation and power location concerns enabling your network to have the intended flexibility and scalability to expand and grow.

Optical Products
Fiberzone optical transceiver modules connect switches, directors, backbones, HBAs, and CNAs to a broad spectrum of data center resources, providing Fibre Channel and Ethernet connectivity, and satisfying a wide range of speed and distance requirements.


A very big “Thank you” for your great effort and countless hours. I am sure to make this job for our client happen.We sincerely would like to thank you and the rest of your staff for a great job.Well done and keep up the good work.

Samuel Goh, CIO, Republic Polytechnic