Company Information

Fiberzone Pte Ltd, established in 2010, is a manufacturer and distributor of networking and telecommunication equipment, offering solutions for Service Providers, Enterprises, Governments and Industrial customers. We have expanded and established other offices and partners in Asia Pacific region. Our networking solutions help the world’s leading organizations transition smoothly to a world where applications and information reside anywhere.

Fiberzone has grown to over 50 employees and is still expanding. The strength lies in our people equipped with many years of networking knowledge and experience. Fiberzone is able to unite a team of people with strong relationships together with our vendors and customers. Our relentless spirit is to place the customers’ needs first, anytime and anywhere. Our mission is to continuously pursue innovative ideas and solutions for our customers.

With the Fiber Optic and Ethernet Technologies evolving simultaneously and rapidly, Fiberzone has built a strong name for itself with our Spectrum brand of Transceiver modules. We specialize in providing SFP and XFP fully compatible with all major networking brands. Spectrum is now a trusted brand for service providers, enterprises, governments and manufacturers around the world. We have expanded our product offering to now include a complete range of networking solutions such as FTTx, Metro Ethernet, Clock Synchronization, Remote Fiber Test System, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM). Our product families are classified as Spectrum and Fiberzone Networks Prodigy Switches, Routers, Protocol/ Interface Converters, Media Converters, Network Interface Cards (NICs), and ToughCom Industrial switches. To complete our product offering, we also offer products from strategic alliances with our technology partners such as ADVA, BKtel, JDSU, Transition Networks, Microsens, Symmetricomm, Ixia, Raisecom and Zhone Technologies.

Besides networking products, Fiberzone has expanded our service division called Fiberzone Service Solutions (FSS) to provide networking services such as rental of test equipment, help desk, maintenance of customer network, calibration, technical, clock audit, training and etc. These services combine with our networking products form a one-stop solution for our customers. Customers with regional offices benefited greatly especially with our regional coverage. Our FSS in Singapore has plans to expand more services to our customers that include a centralized test laboratory, a training center and a calibration laboratory.

Fiberzone is a unique company that visualizes the future networking technology, understanding the needs of our customers, and fulfilling the requirements for both vendors and customers. With our global presence, we at Fiberzone will continue to soar to greater heights together with our partners and customers.

Mission & Vision

To be the global leader in providing best in class solutions to the Information Communication Technology Industry.

Continuous pursuing of innovative ideas and solutions to our customers in the Enterprise sector.