* CWDM Network
* Gigabit Fibre Channel
* Industrial operation standard is available

Fiberzone Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) transceivers are compatible with the Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi-Sourcing Agreement (MSA). They simultaneously comply with Gigabit Ethernet as specified in IEEE STD 802.3 and 1x Fibre Channel as defined in FC-PI-2 Rev. 10.0 .They are RoHS compliant and lead-free.

Part No. Package Data Rate
Tx(nm) Pout(dBm) Rx Sensitivity
Reach Other Option
APSCxxB3CDL70 CWDM SFP 10G CWDM -1~4 APD -24 0~70 70km DDM
APSCxxB3CDL40 CWDM SFP 10G CWDM -4.7~4 PIN -26 0~70 40km DDM
AP-SCxx125-3CDL40 CWDM SFP 1.25G DFB -2~3 PIN -24 0~70 40km DDM
AP-SCxx125-3CDL80 CWDM SFP 1.25G DFB 0~5 PIN -25 0~70 80km DDM
AP-SCxx126-3CDL120 CWDM SFP 1.25G DFB 0~5 PIN+APD -32 0~70 120km DDM
AP-SCxx255-3CDL40 CWDM SFP 2.125G DFB -2~3 PIN -20 0~70 40km DDM
AP-SCxx256-3CDL80 CWDM SFP 2.125G DFB 0~5 PIN+APD -27 0~70 80km DDM