Fiber Characterization

Optical networks are the foundation of any modern communications network. Increased bandwidth, revenue and technological complexity has resulted in many companies looking for more certainty that their network will meet the challenge. 

Fiberzone assists organisations evaluate, assess and advise on all elements necessary to successfully deploy modern optical fibre networks and associated technologies: 

  • Fibre Characterisation (DWDM readiness testing – 10 & 40Gbs)
  • DWDM (C&L Band)/CWDM performance challenges

Jitter & Wander Testing/Analysis

Fiberzone provides a range of services designed to validate the performance and capability of all transmission networks to ensure the introduction of new technologies achieve performance requirements:

  • 10G/40Gb/s Dispersion considerations 
  • Jitter & Wander Testing/Analysis

IP Load Testing

The deployment of Ethernet based technologies over the past few years has been exponential. Once considered a LAN technology, it is now one of the core building blocks of today’s modern carriers and mobile network operators. With the introduction of technologies to accommodate and control delay, Ethernet has been at the forefront of application delivery to the mobile workforce. As with any new technology; come challenges. Adapting these technologies with existing infrastructure and applications is a fine art. TBN provides a range of services that centre on identifying how you can achieve the maximum performance from your network.

The ranges of services offered by FiberZone in partnership with IXIA in this area are extensive and some are outlined below:

  • Network Proof of concept
  • Performance Testing
  • Acceptance Testing